==Wikia-Operation HOPE Global Money Initiative==
Global Money is an exciting new initiative from Operation HOPE., the world’s leading financial literacy and economic empowerment nonprofit organization. Understanding the language of money is important because it affects every aspect of our lives. Financial literacy is about learning how the system can stabilize families, helping them to make sound financial decisions, empowering them to do more with the money they make. This partnership is creating a global platform for collaboration on the development of financial literacy curriculum that will be relevant to each participating country.

Individuals, like you, who are passionate about financial literacy will utilize Operation HOPE’s English curriculum to transform it, and make it relevant to your country by translating it into your own language and customizing it to your country’s financial system. This curriculum can then be taught by volunteers around the globe and is designed to empower youth and adults by teaching them to envision and grasp the skills needed to make sound financial decisions. Module topics are: A Course in Dignity, Basics of Banking, Checking & Savings Accounts, Credit, and Investments

We invite you to adapt our curriculum to begin empowering your community!

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Finnish - Swedish


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